Freedom to Connect, Power to Own

Discover, create, and join communities that match your interests and passions.

Ariton brings your real life communities into the digital world with the social graph.

Built on free and open standards, Ariton gives you the power and ownership of your own identities and data.

Ariton is not just another app that collects your data, but a tool to help grow your communities and adopt decentralized technologies that empower the community and its users, both online and offline.


Ariton revolves around communities. You can create and join communities of many kinds, for example "The Knitting Group", which could have instructors, educators, hints and tips, buy and sell and more within the community.

A community has no boundaries, but can be local and regional, or global and universal.

On Ariton you build your social graph and you see content that is relevant to you and your connections. This means you get partial protection against spam and unwanted content. It helps with social discovery and personalized ratings.

Community owners can earn income from their communities. As a community grows and the quality of content and contributors within it is able to sell their goods and services, the community owners can decide if they want to have a community fee added to various features within the community. This is a way for community manager to reap some rewards from curating a great community.


Ariton is a re-envisioning of the economy for human societies that builds on a new foundation of modern solutions that help elevate the participants into a better tomorrow.

While Bitcoin gave us sound money, a human society needs so much more. Ariton is a (future) superapp that integrates the latest in decentralized technologies and protocols, allowing anyone to launch their own communities, privately or publicly.

These communities will bring together people, allowing a more free expression and digital lifestyle that is traditionally prohibited on the Internet today.

Ariton is decentralized in such a manner that makes it hard to be stopped, and is easy for the general audience to contribute with strengthening the network as a whole.

Ariton makes the participants in the communities, owner of their own digital data and online presence. Instead of your personal data being used to monetize you, you own and control your own data and how it is shared with others.


Web & Mobile First

The primary user experience of Ariton is through the web and mobile devices. We will focus greatly on delivering some of the best user experience available in this space. Ariton runs perfectly in your browser on any device. You don't need to install yet another app to engage with your communities on Ariton.


Anyone can make any number of identifiers and build their identity around that identifier. Users can self-determine what metadata they want to share connected to their identifier, such as name and profile image. Ariton supports multiple identity providers that build on the open standard for decentralized identifiers (DID).


Within each community there are marketplaces that allow users to post their offers for sale of goods and services. Purchase of digital assets, such as tickets, can be saved into the user's personal data storage (DWN) for safekeeping.


Anyone can provide "Registry as a Service" within a community, which are curated lists of data. Examples for this are Land Registry and Business Registry.

If you have any kind of business idea, you can register your company within the communities you are a member of. These can be any kinds of company, from selling your homemade clothing to a software development company or a retail store.


Anyone can provide "Verification as a Service" within a community, which is a provider that verifies the authenticity of data (verifiable credentials) or identities (DID). These verification services can issue identity cards to users based upon a set of rules the verification provider decides.


Anyone can provide "Data as a Service" within a community, which can be any type of data. One example of data provider would be approved lists of content for children.

A data provider could have different curated lists of approved content, that are tagged with metadata and age-related tagging, allowing parents to subscribe (free or paid service) to data providers and utilize those data lists in apps for children.


Reputations are important in the digital world, as a means to filter out noise and problematic actors. Within a community on Ariton, individuals will build up reputations connected to their identifiers.

Ariton replicates reputation in a similar manner as the real world. This means that Ariton attempts to mitigate problems that occur with gaining influence by purchasing votes, likes and followers with monetary payment. Reputations on Ariton are not global, they are connected to the community and your connections.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will play an important role in Ariton, from helping users create content that is aligned with their communities and positive in tone, helping to build and curate great communities.

Ariton builds on the Web Neural Network API (WebNN), which is an open standard that allows models to run safely within the web browser. Ariton will utilize locally run SLMs (Small Language Models) that run on your device, keeping your privacy intact.

Mini Apps

Based on the needs and requests from communities, mini-apps will be developed by the Ariton team or by third parties to cover those feature needs.

One of the mini-apps that will be built for Ariton, is a decentralized task app. What decentralized in the context of Ariton means, is that the tasks are stored in each user device and not dependent on a centralized server or entity. There are always a copy of the tasks on the user device, and the tasks are shared with other users in the community. Having a tasks management app is a great way to help build and maintain a community.

Super App

What is a SuperApp? Ariton is a SuperApp, that means it is a customizeable platform that offers a wide range of services through mini-apps, which are different for each community. A community can tailor which mini-apps are accessible for its members.

Who will build Ariton?

Without the advances in open standards on decentralized identifiers, Ariton wouldn't be possible. Launching Ariton comes at the exact time when foundations are laid to develop such a superapp.

Sondre Bjellås (Founder, CEO and Chief Product Engineer) - With more than three decades of experience with software development, he has extensive experience with technology, languages, patterns and practices, both in building large scalable systems, web apps and decentralized software. His relentless focus on rapid release cycles allows Ariton to develop and adapt to its users and market without delays.
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Dan Gershony (Chief Technology Officer) - With experience from blockchains and a former CTO role in a large British player in the blockchain space, Dan brings insight and capabilities to the Ariton team that will ensure success and quality of delivery.
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David Gershony (Software Engineer) - David brings 15 years of experience to the team, and is an expert in Problem Solving & Complex algorithms when it comes to code. With years of experience in software Development & Teach Lead in the world of banking, payments and billings domains.
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Milad Raeisi (Software Engineer) - He is a seasoned Software Architect and Programmer with over 20 years of experience. As a Senior Developer, he specializes in software development, UI/UX design, data science, AI, and blockchain. His expertise in building large-scale systems and decentralized applications drives innovation and quality at Ariton.
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Lu Barvinskaya (Software Engineer) - Junior developer that has contributed to open source and is currently finishing education in software development.
Kosta Korenkov (Software Engineer) - Fullstack developer with a product focus. Interested in self sovereignty, making sense, minimalism, sane ways of living and making peace with oneself.
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How are we building Ariton?

Building Ariton was impossible to build not long ago. Ariton has been made possible by advances in open standards such as DID, VC, and DWNs. It has been made possible with advances in LLM (Large Language Models), SLM (Small Language Models) and AI. New capabilities for software developers are made available each month and Ariton developers are dedicated to fully adopting the tools and technologies available, to ensure rapid development cycle and very short time to market for new features.

Technologies and Protocols

Ariton builds on decentralized identifiers (DID), verifiable credentials (VC), decentralized web nodes (DWN) by TBD, Codex by Institute of Free Technology (under consideration, might be too dependent on blockchain), Fedimint (Bitcoin federation for privacy and community trading), Nostr (communication relay protocol and technology).

For artificial intelligence (AI), we build and run models using the Web Neural Network API (WebNN), ensuring privacy without relying on centralized cloud services. These features are limited to devices that include local Neural Engines and support the WebNN open standard.

Additional readings that are relevant to the development of Ariton: Navigating the social graph.

Privacy and Security

Privacy is fundamental to Ariton. You are the owner of your own data. By leveraging the recent advances in decentralized open standards, we are building Ariton on a foundation that is secure and private by design. For example: On Ariton, your private converstations are only stored on your devices.

The team behind Ariton have experience with Bitcoin, banking, financial industry and critical infrastructure services. We have the security comptency to ensure that Ariton is secure and safe for its users.


The Ariton team has a proven track record of delivering software projects. We are currently in the process of planning the first version of the superapp.

Our first milestone is to ensure funding to continue the development of the superapp. We are currently seeking investments and funding to continue the development of the new superapp.

Funding: August 2024 until ~October 2024.
Development (alpha): October 2024 until ~August 2025.
Development (beta): August 2025 until ~December 2025.
Launch: ~January 2026.
ARI token launch: ~July 2026.
AI features (SLM): ~December 2026.
Third Party mini-apps: ~June 2027.

Software development is an iterative process, and we will try to deliver features as promised in the milestones above and the features mentioned on this web page. We cannot guarantee that all features will be delivered as planned, but we will do our best to deliver a great product that is useful for our users.


Q: Will there be integration with traditional financial services?
A: No, Ariton is a decentralized platform and will not have integration with traditional financial services.

Q: How will Ariton earn money?
A: Ariton will earn money by taking a small fee on transactions, fee on creation of new communities and other services within the communities. This fee will be used to cover the costs of running the platform and development of new features.

Q: Will Ariton have a token?
A: Yes, there will be a new token (ARI) launched which will be the native token of the Ariton platform. The token will be used for transactions within the platform.

Q: Why is Ariton needed?
A: Ariton is needed to provide a platform for building and managing communities that is decentralized and secure. Ariton will give users the power to own their own data and identities. Ariton will provide meaningful services that today is provided by centralized and national services, such as property registry, company registry and more.

Q: How can users earn money on Ariton?
A: Experts, professionals and others that dedicate their time on Ariton, can build up registries and data services that are provided to users for a fee. For example this could be a list of approved content for children, or a list of approved/verified/certified companies in a specific industry. The team behind Ariton will continue to work on ideas and features that will allow users to earn money on the platform, as we see this as a fundamental feature for positive and constructive community building.

Thank you for your attention. The Ariton team is looking forward to bringing the future of communities to you.